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Selection Process

We approach each project assignment with an open mind and a willingness to adapt to changes in client requirements. We know that business issues are unique and clients have defined methods of engaging with their consultants. Our solutions reflect the best combination of your requirements, your goals and objectives, and our expertise. We are flexible and work in conjunction with our clients' preferred project procedures. Our process methodology model accommodates customization to meet the requirements of each project.

Our process is an industry standards-based blueprint for defining, managing, and delivering technology solutions. This framework ensures successful, on-time delivery of project objectives and provides consistent quality control throughout the development and delivery process.

InfoStaff has developed a very successful approach for recruiting the right professionals for your specific project needs. Our process incorporates a number of important "up-stream" activities and vital checkpoints that are not visible to our clients, but significantly impact the results you want us to be able to deliver - efficiently, consistently, and on target.

  • Proprietary Database of Pre-screened Candidates:
    InfoStaff's database of thousands of pre-screened IT professionals has evolved to an exceptional resource for quickly and accurately identifying potential "best-fit" candidates for our clients. Candidate profiles are up-to-date and easily searchable by skills, experience level, location, work status, availability, etc. We are able to ensure immediate access to a large pool of candidates that match technical job specifications.
  • Understanding Client Requirements/Specifications:
    Key to our success is determining the general and specific skills, knowledge, and experience requirements of the job. We're prepared to consider both the technical and non-technical areas to ensure a "best-fit" candidate for successful placement in the client's environment - as this often has significant impact on overall job performance and satisfaction.
  • Searching Internal Database:
    Based on the position specifications, InfoStaff searches our internal database to produce a pool of candidates. We then apply a requirement's "filter" to refine the candidate pool at this point in the process. We re-validate the selection criteria and screening process to make a go/no go decision to consider the candidate for an internally conducted interview.
  • Alternate Candidate Sourcing Resources:
    In addition to InfoStaff's database, we utilize alternate sources for candidates including, but not limited to, participation in industry associations, affiliations, and events; positions on various boards and committees; and a steady stream of referrals from on-going consultant relationships.
  • Interviewing Candidates & Assessing Skills:
    We consider the internally conducted interview with the candidate an opportunity to delineate marginal candidates from those who exceed the stated requirements of the position specifications. Our recruiting staff is trained to conduct a series of structured interviews that focus on assessing job-related skills and experience. Past project responsibilities and performance examples are thoroughly scrutinized. At this point, we further detail and communicate the roles and responsibilities of the potential assignment, and make a decision on the candidate's qualifications for the position.
  • Preparing the Candidate for Submittal to the Client:
    No detail is overlooked in preparing our candidates for submittal to the client - we conduct a thorough briefing with the candidate that includes a review of job description, position responsibilities, client location and environment, selection/decision process and timeframe, names of those with whom the candidate will be meeting - either in person or on the phone, and any other relevant information. Our candidates are instructed to adhere to standards of professionalism in presenting themselves to our clients. We re-confirm the meeting time and place the evening prior or morning of the interview to accommodate any last minute changes.
  • Background Check:
    Candidates are background checked and drug screened as required prior to being deployed on assignment to the client. Right-to-work status is also verified and documented.
  • Candidate Submittal & Feedback:
    We submit only those candidates that we have thoroughly screened and interviewed, and only in accordance with the clients defined selection procedure. We recognize that this may be a multiple step process, with various decision thresholds to consider. Feedback is expected and welcomed from both the candidate and the client following each interview.


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