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InfoStaff Philosophy

At InfoStaff, we acknowledge that each client represents a unique opportunity for us to develop a successful long-term relationship based on our ability to clearly understand the issues, present reasonable options that specifically address the requirements, and deliver exceptional value. We know that it is imperative that our client's challenges be identified and understood, and that we mobilize our solution delivery services with speed, agility, and efficiency. Our approach to every client engagement reflects this imperative.

To that end, we have implemented a number of "best practices" derived from a set of client experiences and lessons learned to define and measure success in terms of recruiting metrics, operating practices, and service standards of reliability. Our adherence to high standards of professional behavior and service to our clients is recognized and held in high regard by those we serve and by everyone on our staff.

InfoStaff developed its value proposition based on the recognition that internally-driven value statements seldom create the fusion of resources, processes, and people to produce the value that clients consider important and necessary. We have adopted a mindset that allows us to rally around one objective - delivery of superior value at acceptable cost. Our approach, therefore, goes beyond the attempt of many organizations to simply react to client demands and declare themselves sufficiently "client-focused" or "client-driven."

The value we deliver draws upon our ability to clearly understand "a day in the life of" our client. This allows us to determine the important issues that exist for our client, and serves to drive a set of actions designed to improve the situation. We assemble and deploy the most efficient and effective resources, and maintain our focus on our clients' desired outcomes.

The essence of InfoStaff's value proposition is a belief that true value is defined by the client's relationship with us, and relies heavily on the experiences our clients have had and want to have in the future. At all functional levels, our organization is structured to align and fully integrate with each client's services criteria. This goes beyond lip service - InfoStaff reliably delivers the specific results our clients expect, and consistently outperforms the competition. We do this by fully understanding what the client wants to accomplish. We anticipate any obstacles that might be encountered, and we implement the best possible plan to produce the desired outcomes. This delivery framework - an alignment of services, resources, and processes - delivers a value-driven, results-oriented scenario for the client.

Ultimately, you can expect InfoStaff to deliver the highest quality candidates because:

  • We utilize the expert resources of our recruiting team.
  • Our robust sourcing process ensures "best fit."
  • We are highly adaptive to the changing needs and those "moving targets" that characterize the IT Staffing industry.
  • Our flexible relationship model can accommodate a client's specific engagement criteria.
  • InfoStaff's values - teamwork, collaboration, fairness and authenticity - lie at the heart of what we do and how we do it.


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